We have the infrastructure of both a design company and a building company, each as strong as the other. Professionalism, expertise and excellence, every step of the way.


From conception to completion, Rodco will oversee the entire process starting with design. Our team works tirelessly with clients early in the planning and design stages to assist in developing project plans and realistic budgets. This is the stage where your vision becomes our passion.


When it comes to building a custom home, we provide the perfect balance where quality of service and quality of product, are equally valued. The team at Rodco has the proven building expertise and established network of talented craftsmen needed to efficiently deliver a beautiful result. We are unwavering in our commitment to exceed your expectations.

We do it all.

Rodco offers a wide range of construction-related services including the following:

General Contractor services.
Rodco has completed very many projects operating as GC. In this role, Rodco has acted as prime constructor for the entire project, using their own forces as well as hiring under the Rodco banner building sub-consultants as required to supply forces and services needed to complete the project. In this role, Rodco usually does not hire professional consultants as they would under construction management scenarios.
Construction Management services
Rodco has also successfully completed a number of projects as Construction Manager. In this role, Rodco provides full construction supervision and management of all trades and consultants involved in the construction of the project including scheduling and all paperwork associated such as processing payment certificates as well as documentation for construction such as change orders.
Excavation / Backfilling / Demolition / Landscaping
Rodco provides complete excavating and backfill, precision removal of existing structures safely comprising of the removal and separation of all exposed metal and plastic products for the local landfill site
In this role, Rodco undertakes to assemble the entire design and construction team for completion of the project, including hiring professional consultants such as architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers and landscape architects. Depending on the project, other consultants may be required, such as geo-technical engineers, and sound consultants