About Us

Rodco Enterprise has been owned and operated by Rod Thurston since 1982. Our office is located in the town of Haliburton.

Rod was first introduced to Haliburton County as a cottager coming to their family cottage on Haliburton Lake which later became their full time residence.

Rod appreciates the County of Haliburton with its unique landscapes and changing seasons.

His experience of being a cottager at a young age and continuing the tradition of having a family cottage today makes him well aware of the needs that are required to have a successful building to suit the cottage owners.

We are proud in serving the Haliburton area for thirty years and building a team at Rodco of over twenty employees that are skilled in various aspects of building as well as our long term relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, architects and designers.

As a team we are committed in providing the ultimate in service and quality.

At Rodco, we encourage you to view our finished product and talk to our past customer’s documenting our proven record of providing a finished product we can all be proud of.